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To get affordable access to halls, public liability coverage, and administrative assistance, submit your project to ABRASSO and make our community grow united and in harmony, aligned with multicultural Australian values. For more information contact us.

Advantages of joining ABRASSO

Hall rental facility

Where your project will happen

Do you need a place to deliver your project? ABRASSO can rent halls at Communify and other community halls providers for as low as AU$10 per hour, for being a non-for-profit association. We can offer this access for all projects associated to ABRASSO.

Public Liability

Compulsory insurance

This is an important and expensive first step, before you start to put in practice any brilliant idea. Delivering a service to people by using a hall or any other establishment, requires from you a compulsory insurance called "public liability" over 10 million coverage. ABRASSO can cover all members.

Administrative facility

Support managing your project 

We advertise your project, enrol members, administrate invoicing and payments, assist you finding volunteers. 

As a non-for-profit association, ABRASSO can manage invoices and payments free of taxes, facilitating your focus on delivering the activities programmed and decreasing your financial responsibilities.

Discount on events

Access to events and activities

Member of ABRASSO may have discount in events promoted by or related to projects associated to ABRASSO


and get working experience in Australia

Volunteering is the door to enter the Australian working force. Most of jobs in Australia asks for Australian experiences, English fluency, and letter of recommendations. By working as a volunteers in your own language can help you to acquire confidence in working in another culture. Volunteering your acquire Australian experience in the working force. If you are ABRASSO's member you can become a volunteer and if you have a project associate to ABRASSO you can have access to our volunteers.  



Receive administrative support

Public Liability

Hall rental discounts



Discount/Free events

Access to some projects facilities

Be informed about upcoming events

Enjoy Brazilian language and culture

Participate in workshops and seminars



Discount/Free events

Volunteer in Portuguese

Learn to work in the Australian rules

Receive a participation certificate

Get a working experience and network in Australia



Discount/Free events

Charible Non-for-profit association


By engaging in fees or volunteer work in any project delivered by ABRASSO you become our member and have full access to all events promoted by ABRASSO.


Our team of volunteers and professional is formed by Brazilian community members, committed in delivering quality and professional work for all ABRASSO's members and their families.

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