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Our Association in Queensland


About Us

ABRASSO is a non-governmental, non-profit institution that seeks to encourage and support the socio-cultural integration of members of the Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking community in Australian society, promoting the values ​​of Brazilian culture and encouraging community integration through social events, projects, and community activities. ​


The purpose of ABRASSO is to develop educational and cultural initiatives that link Brazil and Australia to form strong, and participatory communities that are proud of their roots. ABRASSO seeks to work with different types of projects focused on areas of education, health, and socio-cultural barriers for diverse audiences, including students, multicultural families, the LGBTQIA+ community, the elderly, among others. ​


For ABRASSO, language and culture are crucial parts of our identity and sources of well-being for Brazilian immigrants. We believe that maintaining our culture and languages ​​not only enables community and individual well-being but also helps Australia to raise a generation of bilingual children with natural language, and intercultural skills.

Our history

ABRASSO was funded in 2009 by the Executive Commission formed by Lorraine Elsmore, Rodrigo de Lucca,  Karina Anton, and Marcelo de Farias.

In 2023, the current commission took over the executive committee, formed by Luciana Lang (President), Rennee Furlanetti (Vice-President), Juliana Ribeiro (Secretary) and Cidalia Santos (Treasurer).


The AGM takes place every year and appointments to the executive committee are open to all ABRASSO members.

Our values

ABRASSO encourages multiculturalism through community projects and cultural and language activities, supporting over 4000 Brazilians living in Queensland. Established in 2009, ABRASSO's mission is to support the Brazilian community and to promote Brazilian culture within the general community.

ABRASSO focuses on projects that promote the sense of union in the community, integrating students, citizens, families, children, professionals, the business community, researchers, educators, the LGBTQIA+ community, religious community, the elderly, and all members of the Brazilian community in harmony with the wider Australian communities.

Our mission

Our main objective is to generate through the development of projects, and community activities, alternative forms of solutions for common problems faced by our community in relation to identity, cultural and language expression, cultural adaptation, professional training, business networking, isolation, abuse, and violence, sustainability, education of children and adults, and community solidarity.  

ABRASSO also promotes and supports projects and activities of interest of the Brazilian community in Queensland, and initiatives that share  Brazilian culture and language with the wide community of Queensland.

Helping Hands


Get in touch with ABRASSO - Australia Brazil Association to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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